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Projects Completed



45,400 kWh Solar Energy per day. Installation in SKEERPOORT, South Africa.42 x 180W PV
Panels, 15KVA 3-Phase SMA Inverters, 1660 Ah 48VDC Battery bank. 6 X 200 Liter Solar

We have installed 60/120Kw of 3-Phase SMA inverters, 4 x 48V 1050Ahr Battery banks for 3
days autonomy and 35KW of PV Panels (210kWhr/d) to provide power to the two office
buildings. The offices will consume about 60 KWh hour of energy per day.
Central Airconditioners and external lights gets power from the grid.



37,800 kWhr Solar Energy per day. Installation in SKEERPOORT, South Africa. 30 x 210W PV Panels, 10KVA Single Phase SMA Inverters, 1050 Ah 48VDC Battery bank.


CCTV Wireless Repeater Site at Madupi Powerstation (ESKOM), Lephalale.
1050 Watt of Solar Panels, 1kW Pure Sine wave Inverter, 630 Ahr 24VDC battery bank and Equipment Shelter.
As part of this project we have also supplied the 45meter Lattice Mast with all civil works.

Mobile Wireless/Cellular Outstations, at Madupi Powerstation (ESKOM), Lephalale.
We did the complete project of Solar Panels, 1kW Pure Sine wave Inverter, 525 Ahr 24VDC battery bank and Mobile Telco Container.
As park of this project we also supplied the 12m Lockable Telescopic Mast that can handle a mast load of 64g.


IPP Projects:
OGT was responsible as sub-contractor to KACO new energy Gmbh for the integration, cold and hot-commissioning of 900 x  KACO Powador 39.0TL3 Inverters at a 11MW and 22MW Solar Plants in Douglas, Northern Cape from June 2013 to March 2014.
OGT have also appoint and trained a company as Service Partner to provide Maintenance support over the life cycle of this projects.


Secunda InGreen Hotel: (60KW Grid-tie Solar)
OGT was responsible for the Design, Integration and commissioning for the KACO Powador Inverters.
Telecom Hybrid (Solar/Wind/Batteries) Mpumalanga.

This 7.7kWp Solar rooftop system was completed this week by Off Grid Technologies for a Test Lab in Centurion. The system consists of 24 x 320W Jinko Solar Panels.

Off Grid 9kWp PV residential system in Hartbeespoort.
330W Canadian Solar Panels, 3 x Goodwe 5048 Hybrid Inverters, 3 x 5kWh BYD Lithium Batteries and K2 S-Dome Frame structures.

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