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Products & Services

Here at OGT we have decades of expertise and experience in Design, Installation, Maintenance and/or Repair of Alternative Energy solutions and providing total turnkey EPC Services for Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Telecom Solar Systems.


  • For Generating:  Tier 1 Bankable Solar PV Panels, Wind Turbines, Generators, Grid-tie and off-grid Inverters, Battery Banks and Charge Regulators
  • For Power Backup: DC Generators, UPS’s and Inverter/Battery backup solutions
  • Telecom: Off-grid and Hybrid Power Solutions, DC Generators, Batteries, Mast structures (Lattice, Pole and Telescopic), Equipment shelters (Fixed & Mobile)
  • Solar PV Frame Structures: Aluminium and Galvanised rooftop and ground mount


  • EPC Services for Solar PV Grid-tie Plants (Frame Structures, PV Panels, Grid-tie Inverters and electrical Interface with the Grid
  • EPC Services for Solar PV Grid-tie with Battery Storage Plants (Frame Structures, PV Panels, Grid-tie and Battery Inverters, Batteries and electrical Interface with the Grid
  • Industrial, corporate, portable, leisure, commercial and residential installations
  • Design of electrical network layout and energy solutions, grid-tie and off-grid
  • Backup systems and dedicated power circuits for emergency power (UPS & generators)
  • Medium, intermediate and low voltage bulk services and reticulation networks
  • Consultation, Project Management, Implementation, Commissioning and System Engineering

Project Financing

Project financing is available via our Green Solar project finance partner - Centrafin.